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Postdoc positions in Electropyhsiology

The Fakler-group at the Institute of Physiology at the University of Freiburg is currently seeking two dynamic individuals to fill


Postdoc positions in

Electropyhsiology (salary E13)



The Fakler group works on functional and proteomic analysis of multi-protein complexes associated with integral membrane proteins such as ion channels and GPCRs that are key to central neurons and their signaling. We focus on questions such as ‘How do protein complexes generate the spatio-temporal precision and specificity known for neuronal signal transduction?’ and ‘What is the precise role of individual complex constituents?’ (Berkefeld et al., Science, 2006; Schwenk et al., Science, 2009, Schwenk et al., Nature, 2010, Neuron 2012; Boudkkazi et al., Neuron 2014).

The major task of the candidate scientists will be the analysis of functional characteristics and the operation of protein complexes with high-resolution in both time and space. For this purpose he/she will apply electrophysiological recordings using the patch-clamp technique in various configurations before and after manipulation of protein expression (stereotactic injection of viral constructs etc.). In addition, optogenetic approaches are used for selective stimulation of neurons. Accordingly, applicants are expected to have profound knowledge and experience with patch-clamp, brain slices, fluorescence microscopy and stereotactic injection.


The postdoctoral positions may have long-term perspective. Further information is available at http://www.physiologie.uni-freiburg.de. Please send our application to the Institute of Physiology, Prof. Fakler, Hermann-Herder-Str. 7, 79104 Freiburg or to our mail account carmen.herr@physiologie.uni-freiburg.de until August 31st 2016 the latest.


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