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Membrane Physiology and -Technology Lab Team

Principal Investigator: 

Prof. Jan C. Behrends

Laboratory Technician:


Postdoctoral Fellows:

Dr. Gerhard Baaken (Nanopore arrays, polymer interaction with nanopores, CEO Ionera)

Dr. Ekaterina Zaitseva (Nanopore arrays, in vitro synthesis and reconstitution of membrane proteins)

Dr. Sönke Petersen (Nanopore arrays, electrodes and microsystems integration)

Dr. Daniel Steinbrenner (Mechanisms of granular exocytosis)



Doctoral Students:

Juan Miguel del Rio Martinez (Automated formation of lipid membrane arrays)

Franz Dreßler (Myocardial action potential shapes in LQT-Syndromes, with AG Odening@University Heart Center)

Judith Lübbert (Plasticity and biogenesis of secretory granules and vesicles)

Mordjane Boukhet (EU-Marie Curie doctoral fellow funded by Ionera  in the Innovative Training network EUROSEQUENCES en cotutelle avec LAMBE, Univ. Cergy: Discrimination and sequencing of precision polymers with biological nanopores)

Monasadat Talarimoghari (IRTG SoMaS Project C7: Recognition of synthetic polymers by biological nanopores) 

Master Students:

Tobias Ensslen (Solid state nanopores in parallel arrays)

Patrick Mayer (Detection and characterization of nanoparticles with solid state nanopores)


Student Research Assistant:

Ibrahim Halimeh (Polymer-nanopore interaction)



Behrends Lab Alumni:

  • Dr. Eva Rumpel (Siemens, Erlangen)

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