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Prof. Dr. Bernd Fakler
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Signal integration in interneuron dendrites

We use patch-clamp recordings, voltage- and calcium-sensitive dye imaging techniques as well as anatomical methods to investigate how interneuron dendrites integrate and propagate voltage signals.


People: Elgueta, Kaufhold



Synaptic plasticity on interneurons


​We study how excitatory synapses on GABAergic interneurons undergo plastic changes such as long term potentiation.


People: Hainmüller, Meyer








GABAergic synapse function in neuronal circuits


​Employing a variety of electrophyiological, imaging and computational methods we examine the functional properties of GABAergic synapses and how they contribute to microcircuit function.


People:  Savanthrapadian, Strüber






Interneuron development


​We investigate how interneurons are functionally integrated in developing cortical circuits.


People: Sauer













Interneuron pathologies in psychiatric disease

Using a panel of in vivo, in vitro and in silico techniques we study how interneuron dysfunction relates to psychiatric diseases such as depression.


People: Sauer, Strüber



Hippocampal network activity during virtual navigation

In vivo imaging hippocampus

​Using 2-photon imaging of genetically encoded calcium indicators in awake mice we investigate neural activity patterns which drive spatial learning in a virtual environment.


People: Hainmüller








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