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Membrane Physiology and -Technology

Prof. Dr. Jan Behrends

Using innovative microsystems we work to enhance the resolution and throughput of electrical recording of ionic currents. We investigate the interaction of polymers with protein membrane pores and other nanopores. We study membrane processes such as exocytosis and protein insertion using a combination of electrophysiological and optical techniques.

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Neocortical Circuits

Prof. Dr. Johannes Letzkus

Information about past experiences and current aims is a central element of all higher brain functions, but our understanding of such of internally-generated top-down signals in health and disease is limited. We use a combination of imaging, electrophysiology, cell-type specific targeting, optogenetics, viral tracing and behavior to dissect these mechanisms in the auditory cortex.

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Renal Hemodynamics

PD Dr. Armin Just

We study the mechanisms governing blood flow in the kidney. Our main interest pertains to the mediators and modulators of renal blood flow autoregulation.

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Cortical Communication

Dr. Julia Veit

Our Emmy Noether Research Group works on the dissection of cortico-cortical circuits and their role in visual coding and perception.

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