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The spectrum of activities in this group is diverse, ranging from determining the sequence of biophysical events during exocytosis of secretory granules and elucidation of the function of the presynaptic Ca2+-sensing protein synaptotagmin-1 to the biophysical analysis of polymer interactions with biological nanopores. A particular long-term interest of the group is the development of novel technologies to facilitate both fundamental and applied research on biomembranes and membrane proteins.

Biomembrane Micro- and Nanotechnology

BioMembrane Micro- & Nanotechnology

Using innovative microsystems we work to enhance the resolution and throughput of electrical recording from biomembranes. We construct biohybrid screening devices based on arrays of single biological nanopores in free-standing microbilayers, develop advanced methods of membrane protein reconstitution and also study the interaction of fluorescent semiconductor nanoparticles (quantum dots) with synthetic and biological membranes. More...



We study exocytosis using simultaneous recording of multiple biophysical parameters that change during and after fusion of granule/vesicle and plasma membranes: For instance (1) capacitance (admittance), (2) fluorescence of vesicular fusion proteins used as reporters for, e.g., intravesicular pH and (3) amperomeric detection of small molecule release can be  combined to probe the sequence of events in this ubiquitous and pivotal cellular reaction. More...

Synaptic Transmission

Synaptic Transmission
We study synaptic transmission between individual neurones in cell culture by simultaneous pre- and post-synaptic whole-cell patch-clamp recordings (paired recordings). We are interested in determining the basic rules of synaptic transmission at individual contact sites and to determine the nature of the reaction by which transmitter release is synchronized by presynaptic action potentials. More...
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