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Prof. Dr. Marlene Bartos











1994          PhD Faculty of Biology / Technical University Munich / Institute for Zoology /Germany

1991          Diploma Faculty of Life Sciences / University of Braunschweig / Institute for Zoology


Since 2010 Full Professor (W3); Faculty of Medicine / University of Freiburg / Acting Director of the
                    Institute for Physiology, Director of the Institute for Physiology Department I / Freiburg                  


2009-2010      Personal Chair
                   Medical Faculty / University of Aberdeen / Institute for Medical Sciences / UK
2007-2009      Associate Professor (Reader)
                   Medical Faculty / University of Aberdeen / Institute for Medical Sciences / UK
1998-2006      Assistant Professor
                   Faculty of Medicine / University of Freiburg / Institute for Physiology, Dept. I / Germany
1995-1998      Postdoctoral Fellow
Faculty of Medicine / Department of Neuroscience / University of Pennsylvania / School of     Medicine / USA


2018-2022     ERC-Advanced Grant (ERC-AdG) holder (2.5 Mil €)

2009-2015     Lichtenberg Award / Volkswagen (VW) Foundation / Germany (1.9 Mil €)

2012           Senior Fellowship of the Excellence Initiative ‘Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies’ (FRIAS)/ University of Freiburg (30.000 €)

2010              Best publications in 2010 by Faculty of Biology 2010; Sauer & Bartos 2010 J Neurosci 30

2012              Schram Award / Schram Foundation for basic Neuroscience / Germany (280.000 €)

1995-1997                 Posttdoctoral Fellowship from the German Science Foundation (‘Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft’ (DFG)

1995             Price for ‘Young Investigators’ of the ‘International Society for Neuroethology’ / US

1992-1995     Fellowship for Graduate Students of the ‘Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung’ / Germany



Since 1998   Organization of practical courses, seminars, lectures in Neuroscience and Physiology of the human organism (e.g. lectures on higher CNS functions, endocrinology, lung function, and membrane biophysics; seminars cover all topics in Physiology such as heart, kidney and circulation) University Freiburg / Medical Faculty and University of Aberdeen. Examiner in the 1st exam (‘Physikum’) of students in human and dental medicine in Physiology / Freiburg.



2021      Organizer of the Gordon conference ‘Inhibition in the CNS’ together with Beatrix Ricco (London Kings  College / UK)

2020     Organizer of a symposium ‘Engram formation in the dentate gyrus’ at the international conference FENS.

2019    Vice-organizer with B. Ricco of the Gordon conference ‘Inhibition in the CNS’ (primary organizer Ivan Soltesz, Stanford / USA)

2017    Organizer of the Symposium 'The dentate gyrus: from microcircuits to cognitive functions'; Society for Neuroscience (SFN) meetings / Washington / USA

2017    Member of the organizing board ‘International Conference Brain Links-Brain Tools’ and ICAN ‘International Conference of Advanced Neurotechnology’ / Merzhausen / Germany

2016    Organiser of the FENS Satellite Symposium ‘Interneuron plasticity from Mechanisms to higher brain function’ / Copenhagen / Denmark

2016      Coordinator of the Symposium ‘Structural and functional Interneuron plasticity’; conference of the German Physiological Society / Lübeck / Germany

2015      Coordinator of ‘Schram Symposium’ during ‘Göttingen Neuroscience conference’ / Germany

2014    Coordinator of the ‘Networks of European Neuroscience Institutes’ (ENINET) conference / Freiburg / Germany

2013    Organiser of the Symposium ‘Interneuron in higher brain functions’; conferences of the German Physiology Society / Heidelberg / Germany



Since 2014           Equal opportunity commissioner, Medical Faculty / University of Freiburg

Since 2013           Board member of the Medical Faculty advisory board ‘Structural and Strategic Development of the Medical Faculty / University of Freiburg

2016-2018            Director FRIAS (Freiburg Institute for Advanced Science) in the field of Life Science

2012-2014            Vice-directorSpemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine’ (SGBM)

Since 2010           Member of the Medical Faculty Committee, University of Freiburg

2007-2010            Member of the Faculty Committee, University of Aberdeen / School of Medicine / UK



Since 2020   Special field-reviewer (‘Fachkollegin’) for the German Science Foundation (DFG) ‘Cognitive and systemic behavioural Neurobiology’


Since 2014 Speaker of the International Research Unit FOR2143; ‘Synaptic plasticity of interneurons: from mechanisms to higher brain function’ University Freiburg (M. Bartos, A. Kulik, I. Diester) / Charité Berlin (J. Geiger, I. Vida, H. Sprekeler, J. Poulet) / University Kiel (P. Wulff; Germany) / Institute for Science and Technology (IST) Austria (J. Csicsvari).

                 Pre-proposal for the trans-regional Collaborative Research Center (TR-CRC) ‘Role of inhibition in neuronal representation’ submitted (evaluation March 2020).


Since 2016   Advisory board member for the Graduate School 1960 ‘Neural Circuit Analysis’ Cologne


Since 2013      Director of the ‘European Neuroscience Institutes’ (ENINET) University of Freiburg 


Since 2013   One of the heads of the new Excellence Initiative ‘IMBIT’, ‘Institute for Machine-Brain Interfacing Technology’, Freiburg / Germany


Since 2014       Editor, Journals eLife / UK, eNeuron / US and Frontiers / Switzerland


Since 2006  Reviewer for Nature / Science / Neuron / Nature Neuroscience / Hippocampus / J Neuroscience / Nature Communication / eLIfe


2014-2018    Board Member and PI of the Excellence Initiative ‘Brain-Links-Brain-Tools’ (BLBT)     Freiburg



Since 1994   Member, ‘Society of Neuroscience (SFN)’ / USA; ‘German Zoological Society’ (DZG),German Physiological Society’ (DPG), ‘Neuroscience Society’ (NRW) / Germany

Since 2005   Member, ‘Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Freiburg’ (BCF) / Freiburg



Peter Jonas, IST Austria; Jozsef Csicsvari, IST Austria; Frances Skinner, Toronto Western Hospital/Canada; Joseph Gogos, Columbia /USA; Ivan Soltesz and Aaron Milstein, Stanford / USA; Richard Huganir (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA, president of the SFN 2019); Rosa Cossart (Institute of Mediterranean Neurobiology, Marseille, France); all members of the research unit FOR2143 (see above).


Invited presentations to peer-reviewed, internationally established conferences and/or international advanced schools (selection of important presentations)


Oct. 2020   Society of Neuroscience (SFN) speaker at ‘special lecture’ Washington DC (USA)

Oct. 2020   EMBO workshop on ‘Neuronal development and regeneration’ in Taipei (Taiwan)

June 2020   Gordon conference on ‘synaptic transmission’ in Ciocco, Italy (inv. Alison Barth)

March 2020  Gordon conference ‘Neuroelectronic Interfaces’ / Ventura / USA (inv. Thomas Stieglitz, Takashi   Kozai)

Febr. 2020   University de Descartes, Paris / France (inv. Claude Meunier)

Jan. 2020  Speaker University of Sevilla Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla (IBIS), Spain (inv. Rafael Fernández-Chacón).

July 2019    Speaker at RIKEN Center for Brain Science / Japan (inv.  Kaz Tanaka and Thomas McHugh)

July 2019   Speaker at Japan Neuroscience Society, Niigata /Japan; Symposium talk (org. Thomas McHugh);

March 2019  Speaker at Neuroscience winter conference, Sölden / Austria (org. Stephan W. Schwarzacher / Frankfurt; Joan Ramirez / CHDD Seatle /USA)

March 2019  Speaker at Neuroscience conference Göttingen (NWG); Symposium on 'Dentate gyrus function'

Febr. 2019    Speaker at Brain Mind Institute Lausanne, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (inv. Johannes Gräff)

Sept. 2018  Speaker FENS international neuroscience meeting; Symposium ‘Parvalbumin neurons, perineuronal nets and network plasticity'; Berlin / Germany (inv. Takao Hensch)

June 2018    Speaker at ‘EMBO workshop’, ‘Cortical interneurons in health and disease’/ Mallorca / Spain (inv. Oscar Marin)

April 2018    Speaker at the conference 'Neuronal Plasticity: from synapses to circuits'; Marseille / France (inv. Rosa Cossar)

Nov 2017   Society for Neuroscience (SFN) international neuroscience meetings / Washington / USA; Speaker at Symposium 'The dentate gyrus: from microcircuits to cognitive functions' (org. Marlene Bartos, Peter Jonas)












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