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Miniscope Imaging

We use Inscopix nVoke systems to image Ca2+-signals in one photon cellular resolution and optogenetic stimulation in the same field of view to investigate hippocampal and prefrontal cortex cell activity and circuitry in freely behaving animals.

We aim to understand the longitudinal involvement of cell ensembles in prefrontal cortex and hippocampal subregions during working memory, social memory and spatial coding/discrimination. We want to understand circuitry dynamics of learning, memory consolidation and recall of recent and remote memory Thereby, we want to
unravel the contribution of different cell types and neuromodulators to the memory representation in the brain.






Ca2+- indicator (green) in hippocampal Cornu ammonis subregion (counterstained in red; 100 μm).









Spatially band passed and motion corrected video of prefrontal cortex cells during a behavioural task as seen with the miniature camera.







Maximum projection of movie as seen on the previous picture. Activity of cells are visualized by fluorescence and appear bright against the dark background.


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