Things we are excited about

  • January 2024 
  •    Vanesa Pelcastre Neri joins as a research assistant. Welcome!

  • December 2023 
  •    Had a nice time at the Freiburg christmas market with the early career scientists of the BrainWorlds Initiative

  •   November 2023 
  •    One last but not least for this crazy November: So excited that our SFB/CRC INCODE between Freiburg and Berlin will be funded starting April 2024! Can't wait to get to work with this amazing group of researchers!

  •   November 2023 
  •    Chocka is presenting a poster at SfN in Washington! Go see 149.08 on Sunday afternoon to hear about contextual and laminar differences in inter-areal coherence! Also check out Will and Masato's poster on like-to-like connectivity in V1 explaining image sgmentation on Monday morning (212.07)

  •   November 2023 
  •    Julia is happy to be featured in the project: "Frau* SCHAFFT Wissen" for the University of Freiburg (Sorry, German only)

  • November 2023 
  •    Julia had a lot of fun co-organizing the Early Career session at the truly amazing BrainWorlds Freiburg Oxford Workshop

  • September 2023 
  •    Chocka attends the EMBO LINdoscope workshop in Magdeburg

  •   September 2023
  •    Julia is super excited to speak at the Bernstein conference in Berlin

    •   September 2023 
    •    Chocka attends the EMBO LINdoscope workshop in Magdeburg

      •   August 2023
      •    Chocka attends the SystemsVisionScience Symposium in Tübingen

        •   August 2023
        •    Chocka goes to the i-Bio Summer School: "Advanced Computational Analysis for Behavioral and Neurophysiological Recordings" in Banyuls-sur-Mer, France

          •   July 2023

                  Chocka and Julia attend the amazing Gordon conference on inhibition in the CNS in Les Diablerets. Tons of great science and great hikes! And foosball!!

          •   May 2023

                  Paula Zimmer joins for a three-month internship! Welcome! 

          •   March 2023 

                  Chocka, David and Julia are attending the Göttingen meeting. Chocka and David present their posters on Wednesday and Thursday! Come by! 

          •   March 2023

                  Julia is giving the Neurobiology Seminar in Fribourg, Switzerland! Back to the roots, nearly 10 years after my defense! 

          •   February 2023

                  Jesus Hernandez joins for a rotation! Welcome! 

          •   January 2023

                  Julia gives a talk at the CIN exchanges in Tübingen. Great fun talking to the IMPRS Ph.D. students and meeting old and new friends. 

          •   January 2023

                  Effat Salehi Far joins as a research assistant! Welcome! 

          •   November 2022

                  Prejwal Prabhakaran joins for a rotation! Welcome! 

          •   November 2022

                  David and Julia will be at SfN in San Diego. Check out David's poster 469.17.on Tuesday morning

          •   October 2022

                  Julia's paper "Cortical VIP neurons locally control the gain but globally control the coherence of gamma band rhythms" has been accepted in Neuron

          •   October 2022

                  Yue Kris Wu from Julijana Gjorgjievas lab receives an Add-on fellowship from the Joachim Herz foundation to collaborate with us on the role of interneurons in switching network states. Congratulations! Looking forward to working together!

          •   September 2022

                  David is presenting at the Ernst Strüngmann Institut in Frankfut

          •   September 2022

                  Chocka is accepted to the Allen Institute Neuropixels and OpenScope Workshop in Seattle! Congratulations!

          •   July 2022

                  Julia is going to the Emmy Noether-Treffenin Potsdam

          •   July 2022

                  The entire lab is at the symposium: "Neuronal Representation - From Synapses & Microcircuits to Behaviour" in Freiburg. Amazing science right next door!

          •   May 2022

                  Julia is presenting at FRIAS Colloquium Natural & Life Sciences

          •   April 2022

                  Julia is presenting at the ESI Talks (link to recording)

          •   March 2022

                  Julia is going to be at Cosyne in Lisbon. Excited about real-life interactions and actual poster sessions.

          •   December 2021

                  Julia is excited to speak at the wonderful general public lecture series "Wege zur Erforschung des Gehirns"

          •   September 2021
          •   Chocka is attending the Neurex Summer School: "Advanced Tools for Data Analysis in Neuroscience" in Strasbourg, France

          •   March 2021

                  Julia is speaking in the Symposium "Modulation and plasticity of inhibition in neocortical circuits" at the virtual Göttingen meeting of the German neuroscience society

          •   October 2020

                  Veit lab officially opens! Dr. David Eriksson and Chockalingam Ramanathan join the lab as the first postdoc and Ph.D. student, respectively. Welcome!

          •   December 2019

                  Julia is giving the Bernstein seminar

          •   October 2019

                  Julia is presenting at the Freiburg Neuro Retreat. Great way to get to know the Freiburg neuroscience community

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